Bluetooth Low Energy Solution

It complies to the Bluetooth version 4.0 which have been integrated in the iPhones and Android devices. We also offer the Bluetooth module for different application. Propagation will provide tailor made firmware development for customers according to the requirement. Please also find more detail of our solution in here.


ZigBee WiFi gateway

the gateway is integrated with the ZigBee and WiFi/ LAN. It is designed by ARM 11 chipset and the WiFi / ZigBee modules. Therefore, end users are able to connect it by using the mobile devices like smartphone or tablet to control the zigbee end devices.

power meter

ZigBee power meter

It complies to the Smart Energy profile of the ZigBee alliance. The design is using powerful processor – Ember chipset solution as the core. By reading the power data in wireless, our solution is also able to work with the ZigBee In Home Display (IHD)