Industry Solution

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High Power Transformer control system

A touch screen panel to control the High power transformer system. The control command can be sent to the high power transformer in wireless communication. Different size of touch panel can be customized.


Oilfield exploration control system

The customized touch screen devices are able to work with the Oilfield sensors, control systems and the devices. The solution will be integrated with the rugged housing and provide a mature wireless interface for the oilfield

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Construction Site control system

The touch screen solution will be integrated with NFC for construction site application. Meanwhile, it is also able to connect RS232 or wireless interface in order to provide a control hub media for the construction site.

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Medical Control board

with having the monitor, the board is able to show the data received via RS232. It can be reserved up to 8 UART for the medical devices, like the heart beating, blood pressure….etc. Working together with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), it forms a high end and professional application in the medical industry.

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POS systems

having the Android POS device would be one of the best solution in the world. It can perform a portable POS with customised software. Meanwhile, this system is able to work with printer, monitor and POS software

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Advertising systems

with having WiFi, the digital signage is much easy to update advertisement in the large screen display. In addition, it equips with IR sensor for the gesture and touch movement working with the customized software content.